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Summer is the perfect time to make sure your exterior plastering is ship-shape and hunky-dory. Nobody welcomes the hassle of home maintenance, but a few minutes of care today can save you a bunch of headaches in the future.

Here are the seven things to check out when you’re next walking around your property:

(This one catches out a lot of homeowners) Is there good clearance between the ground – especially the garden beds – and the bottom of your plastering? Cladding systems need 100mm clearance from paving and paths, and 175mm from gardens and unpaved areas.

Is the paint ageing? As much as you’d love a coat of paint to last forever, it does need regular reapplication.

Are there signs of cracks in the plasterwork? Remember to look behind bushes and other obstacles!

Bubbling of the plaster can be a subtle sign of a problem. Early morning or late evening sunlight can be a good time to gauge whether the plaster surface is not as smooth as it once was.

Do all the windows still sit flush inside the exterior plaster system? Or are there signs that the house has shifted a little (that can happen in Canterbury!), putting pressure on the weather tightness of the building?

Can you find any penetrations? It’s easy to miss the moments when the cladding gets accidentally punctured, but it’s important those holes get patched up pronto.

Is all the spouting clean and clear of debris? This is doubly important for internal rainwater systems with junctions and diverters – you don’t want any blockage sending water where it’s not wanted.

How small is too small?

Exterior Plastering Specialists - Gregg Proudfoot Plastering

Golf balls are small, right? You wouldn’t call in a plasterer just to fix a wee golf ball hole in your cladding, would you? Yes! Yes indeed! Sure, we install cladding systems for shiny new homes and construct impressive feature walls (they do make for great photographs), but we most certainly take care of your repairs and maintenance work too. Of any size. After all, we are craftsmen, as happy working with traditional sand and cement as we are with modern Resene Rockcote systems. Maybe that’s why 2020 is off to a flying start, and we are expanding our team?

The Dynamic Duo

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Dynamic duo

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