When plastering is an art

A sandcastle home in Brighton

A 1950’s home in New Brighton got a new lease of life thanks to the Proudfoot Plastering team.  

Damaged in the Christchurch earthquakes, this home by the sea is made of solid stucco walls. The owner wanted the house restored – complete with the original lace-work plaster pattern.

Art meets technique

To repeat the pattern, first the team had to understand the technique the original plasterer used more than 70 years ago! In this case, this involved artfully flicking plaster at the walls and scraping back, and trying again, until the pattern and the way the plaster pattern has come to life is revealed.

plastering christchurch

Once this – including the consistency of the mix – is figured out, days are spent applying plaster in the same way. It’s painstaking work that requires a keen eye and attention to detail. It’s also incredibly satisfying!

Paint & plaster excellence

For this New Brighton Home, the Proudfoot team used a ROCKCOTE plaster system and colour matched the original paint colour, choosing to use Resene X-200 paint which has a weatherproofing membrane. The name of the paint: Sandcastle. What could be more perfect!

plastering christchurch

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